First, we are a subscription service.

  • Once you sign up for our subscription program, you will receive meals each week ( or every other week) unless you otherwise pause or cancel your subscription.

Second, you have a weekly deadline.
  • Because we proudly ship tens of thousands of meals each week and fresh meals, at that we need 5-6 days to plan your next batch of meals into our production schedule before the meals are delivered. For this reason we ask you make any changes or skip your order, prior to being billed for your order.  Once you are billed, we will begin the process on our end to source all of the fresh ingredients for your meals.

Third, you can self-manage nearly every aspect of your subscription.
  • Because we know life is busy, we allow you maximum ability to plan and customize your subscription, including planning future deliveries up to 7 weeks in advance! On a weekly basis, you can also change the number of meals you'll receive, change the delivery address for a specific order, or update your billing information at anytime right from your subscription portal.
Fourth, you should review your menu every week.
  • When you sign up with us, you choose the meals you want for your first delivery, at which point we take that same menu and duplicate it across the other deliveries that are planned into our system when you sign up. You want to make it a habit to review your menu before your next order's weekly deadline to make sure it contains the meals you want since we do phase out meals from time-to-time.

Fifth, you can skip a week or pause your subscription.

  • If you're out of town for a week or two, or simply don't want to receive meals for a period of time, you can easily skip a week of delivery or pause your subscription to stop being charged and stop receiving meals. Again, please remember to do this prior to your billing date.  Once the order is billed it will not be possible for you to cancel the order in your subscription portal.  You will be able to cancel all future billing at anytime.